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revere beach parkway wash now open!

Coming Soon, Revere Wash Rebuild!

Built with SPINLITE Equipment

We are investing in the latest and greatest car wash equipment the industry has to offer. SPINLITE by Belanger has revolutionized how cars are washed with new designs and years of testing to ensure the cleanest car possible. With the new ShineMitt material tests have shown up to 4x the cleaning power vs conventional car washes. On top of these new wash advances we are committed to exceeding your expectations at every part of your wash.

The biggest challenge in any car wash is drying the car, especially the back of an SUV. To solve this we are investing heavily in our dryer setup. A typical car wash will have anywhere from 4-10 individual dryers. While our Saugus location already goes above industry average with 12 dryers for our new Revere wash we are pushing the limit even further with a total of 18 individual dryers. 10 of these dryers are a new style that can actually flip towards the back of the car as it passes to ensure even the back of an SUV comes out nice and dry every time. The bottom line here is we are confident to say that one wash through our new tunnel will give you the cleanest, dryest, and most fun car wash experience you have ever had. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!